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Pink Angora Sweater

Pink Angora SweaterReveal your inner sexy kitten in a Pink Angora Sweater

There is something truly feminine about a woman wearing pink, especially if its a fluffy pink angora.

And, mind you, there is more then one shade of pink, probably more like 50!

There is baby pink, peony pink, candy pink, hot pink and maroon – to name but a few. And depending on the particular shade, pink colour makes its individual statement.

Pink is one of those colours that suit both blondes and brunets. For example, light pink colour will contrast and accentuate beautiful dark hair, where's blonde hair will look even lighter .

It also has a quality to soften your skin tone and highlight your eyes and lips.

If you wear some accessories with your pink sweater they'll revel their true beauty and will shine and sparkle against soft and fluffy background.


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Peony pink angora sweaterAngora-Sweater-Pink

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